How to Fix a Suit

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How to Fix a Suit

An intact, good-fitting, stylish suit is a necessary piece in any man's wardrobe. For work, weddings, funerals and court appearances, a suit is attractive and versatile. Good suits should last a while, but over time, they may tear, wear down or otherwise require fixing. Some repairs involve mending rips and holes; others may be fixed by adjusting and tailoring. Be aware of the signs your suit needs repair and the means of fixing it.




    • 1

      Sew on buttons that have popped off. Thread loops through the button holes and sew the button back on to the fabric. Use thread that matches the color of your suit.

    • 2

      Fix an inner jacket lining that has become detached by taking a needle and thread and sewing the lining back onto the jacket fabric. Sew along the seam or wherever it has torn. This will extend the life of the jacket and keep you warm in colder months.

    • 3

      Extend the length of a pant leg by taking out the hem. Use a small sharp object to pry out the threads on the interior of the pant leg until the fabric extends all the way down. Stitch the end back up so the bottom of the leg does not fray.

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      Take the jacket to a tailor if the shoulders are too big. Shoulder seams should line up with the outer edge of the shoulder; if the shoulder pads hang down, they need to be resized.

    • 5

      Check how much room is between you and the jacket when it's buttoned shut. It shouldn't be so tight it restricts movement or so loose that it sits baggy. Have a professional tailor take the jacket in our let it out, as needed.

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