How to Make Sweatshirt Collars Stiff

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How to Make Sweatshirt Collars Stiff

Fashion-conscious individuals tend to pay extra attention to details others might overlook, like buttons, accessories and collars. A stiff collar can improve the look of a shirt and even make it appear newer. Sweatshirts, usually made out of soft cotton, can also have their collars stiffened, as with an ordinary dress shirt.




    • 1

      Lay the sweatshirt flat on the ironing board.

    • 2

      Repeat ironing the collar several times. Use a hot iron.

    • 3

      Apply a bit of starch spray to the collar.

    • 4

      Run the iron over the collar again.

    • 5

      Flip the sweatshirt over and apply the same process to the back of the collar.

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