How to Add Colored Highlights to Hair

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How to Add Colored Highlights to Hair

Highlights have been used to add a subtle touch to otherwise drab hair color. The most common type of highlights include bleach-blond, autumn-red or brown-toned colors. However, recent trends have introduced new colors for highlights. Colors such as bright red, hot pink and blue have been spotted on some of America's most famous celebrities. The trend caught on quickly. Now colored highlights are increasing in popularity. Add some color to your hair to get that trendy borderline punk look.



    • 1

      Search for a hair color cream. These can be found in any beauty supply store. You want to use a bold color that will contrasts with your own hair color. Manic Panic and Beyond the Zone Spike It are two brands that offer bold colors such as hot pink, red, blue, orange and violet.

    • 2

      Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. This removes all dirt, grime and hair product buildup from your hair. Do not use any conditioner or other hair product once you have washed it. Blowdry your hair until it is completely dry.

    • 3

      Think about what parts of your hair you wish to dye. Most highlights show at the crown, or top, of the head. This is where you start placing color.

    • 4

      Section out a small piece of hair at the crown of your head. Place a piece of foil underneath the section of hair. Dip a tint brush into your hair color. Brush the hair color onto the entire section of hair. Fold the foil up to hold it in place and to prevent the color from touching other parts of your hair.

    • 5

      Move around the crown of your head applying color. Leave the color in your hair anywhere from five to 15 minutes, depending on your hair color. Light hair color will color easier than dark hair. Rinse your hair, then style as usual.


Tips & Warnings

  • Always follow package directions.

  • Perform an allergy test patch before applying hair color.

  • Most hair colors will not wash out unless the package specifically states otherwise.